Sire: Venetian's Copy That Sire: AM CH Woodhull's Roger That Sire: Boanaventure Lubberline Viscount Sire: Epoch's Edward of Bonaventure
Dam: Classique's Count On Me

Dam: AM Ch Woodhull's Frankly My Dear

Sire: Am CH Venetian's Blackwatch Bravo 
Dam: Beechcroft Woodhull Halleluijah
Dam: Venetian's Vidella Della

Sire: Am CH Stonecrest Davy Crockett

Sire: Am CH Stonecrest's Lucky Star
Dam: Chablais Madelyn of Stonecrest

Dam: Venetian Blackwatch Revelry

Sire: AM CH Boradors  Willcare Master Copy
Dam: Venetian's Jondre Regal Roxy
Dam: CH Staghorn's Queen of Soul Sire:  CH Epoch's Louis Vuitton of Castlegar

Sire: Ouilsmi Its Just Me

Sire: Mallorn;s Mr. SnowBusiness at Boothgate
Dam: Boothgate Dressed to Thrill

Dam: Am CH Epoch's Brown Baggin

Sire: Bonaventure Lubberline Viscount
Dam: Epoch's Oreo Cookie
Dam: Skyland's Hidin'  at Staghorn

Sire: Trident's Hash Brown

Sire: Am CH Stonecrest Davy Crockett
Dam: Chablais Sandpiper at Trident
Dam: CH Corhampton's Inka Dinka Doo Sire: CH Corhampton's Hot n'Spicy
Dam: CH Rustylane's Corhampton Clover