ALRC Ebonylane Dog of the Year for being the #1 Labrador for 2006!

#1 Female Labrador in Canada for 2007 and 2008!

ALRC Best of Opposite for being the top female Labrador 2007 and 2008!!!!!!



DOB:  November 1, 2004            Sex:  female








Below: July 2008 after a swim.


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left above - "Angel" with breeder/handler/owner Shona Allured-Sutton winning a Group 1st and her 1st Best Puppy in Show under Judge Natalie Dunfee!

right above - "Angel" @ 10 months old under Judge Mr. Melvin Beech wins another Best Puppy in Show  over 40 all breed puppies at a CBKC show!! With this win, she was awarded the CBKC Drumachose Kennels Perpetual Trophy for 2005! 

left above - "Angel" with breeder/owner/handler Shona Allured- Sutton winning Group 1st  and Best in Show under respected breeder judges Pat and Mike Lanctot at an AKC all breed show.

right above - At The Atlantic Labrador Retriever Club's (ALRC) Labrador Retriever Speciality show in N.B., under respected judge Virginia Lyne, "Angel" wins Best of Opposite Sex over 63 females including 22 other Canadian Champions (Some BISS winners) and other American Champions!

(Left above) Judge ALAN BENNETT and breeder/owner/handler SHONA ALLURED-SUTTON after winning BEST IN SHOW at the AKC shows in August 2008.

(Right Above) Judge DR. MIKE WOODS and breeder/owner/handler SHONA ALLURED-SUTTON after winning an Award of Merit at the ALRC Labrador Speciality in NB on August 15, 2008! 

Angel is a gorgeous girl with a beautiful head, tail and general conformation to go with her wonderful outgoing personality.  Angel completed her Championship in style winning a Best of Breed, a Group 1st and Best Puppy in Show!

In limited showing, Angel's accomplishments include:

  • 27 Best of Breed
  • 9 Best of Opposite
  • 4 Best of Winners
  • 1 Winners Bitch
  • 8 Best Puppy in Breed
  • 3 Best Puppy in Sporting Group
  • 7 Group 1st
  • 8 Group 2nd 
  • 9 Group 3rd
  • 2 Group 4th


Atlantic Labrador Retriever Club's (ALRC) Top Dog award winner as the #1 overall Lab for 2006!!!

Atlantic Labrador Retriever Club's (ALRC) BOS award winner as the #1 female Lab for 2007 and 2008!!!


In May 2006,  "Angel" won Best of Breed and Group 2nd  at the ALRC Lab Booster under respected breeder judge Dr. Mike Woods!!!

In July 2006, "Angel" won Best of Breed 3 times, two Group  2nds and a Group 3rd at the NKC Shows!

August, 2006, entered in 2 shows, "ANGEL" won Best of Breed in both shows plus a Group 3rd under judge L. DeBruyne and a Group 1st under respected breeder judge Pat Lanctot!!! Then she went on to win Best in Show under respected breeder judge Mike Lanctot!

Two weeks later at the Atlantic Labrador Retriever Club's (ALRC)  Labrador Retriever Speciality Show in N.B.,  under respected judge Virginia Lyne,  "Angel" won Best of Opposite Sex over 63 females including 22 other Canadian Champions (some BISS winners) and other American Champions!

Two weeks later at the CBKC shows in Harbour Grace, "Angel" wins Best of Breed 2X along with a Group 3rd and 4th and 2 Best of Opposite Sex.

In May 2007, "Angel" won Best of Breed in 3 of 4 AKC shows along with a Group 1st (breed: David Kelland, group: Ole Neilson), a Group 2nd (Honey Glendinning) and 3rd (Jamieson Glendinning) with an entry of 10 Labs and 35 in the group! Below is Angel with Shona in the Best in Show line-up after winning her Group 1st!

In August 2008,  Angel won another BEST IN SHOW under judge Alan Bennett and another Group 1st under judge Fred Dewsbury at the AKC Conformation Shows!!!!!! Then, at the ALRC Labrador Specialty in NB, she won an AWARD of MERIT under breeder-judge Dr. Mike Woods!

It is with extreme sadness that we have to announce the passing of our very special girl “Angel” on March 23, 2012.  Non-pet people and even some pet people might not be able to understand how emotionally devastating this is for us. There have been many tears shed and an unreal sadness that took over our world with this this terrible loss. “Angel” was the perfect Labrador; an Onarock icon that can never be replaced. Conformationally she was very special and had done so much in the show ring including Best Puppy in Show wins and Best in Show wins. We attended 3 specialty weekends with her and she won one Best of Opposite, an Award of Merit, and on another occasion made the final cut. In addition to obtaining a Canadian championship, she also obtained a Grand Championship along with her CGN! Outside the ring, she was just as good. She would swim and retrieve for as long as you wanted to do it loving the water like no other we have ever owned. Throw a bumper as far as I could and she would launch in after it with as much enthusiasm the 20th time as she had the first time. In the house, she was calm and mannerly and a great companion and leader to the other dogs. A perfect temperament! Structurally, she was extremely solid with hips OFA excellent, elbows OFA normal, and eyes CERF normal. Most importantly, she was a member of our family who was always there participating with us in pretty much every activity we did. If I was shoveling, she was there. If I was napping, she was napping on me. She would participate in all we did as much as possible. She was full of life with so much personality and everything a Lab, friend, and family member should be.
“Angel” had 2 litters but the timing did not allow us to keep from her. We had intended to keep from her with her final litter but although we spent thousands trying, she did not have a 3rd litter. We would love to have had an offspring of hers here but it was not meant to be. We will have our memories of her forever though and she will never be forgotten. We can take a small amount of comfort knowing we did all we could possibly do to save her. We spent so much time with her, cared for as we would any family member, and we spent more than $5000 trying to cure her. I would spent 10X that to make her better. I would rather be more poor with her than less poor without her. Sometimes, nothing works and this was such a time. 
Her mom ,grandmother, and half sisters remain with us and we will try and move forward. To say it is not easy is an extreme understatement. If dogs do go to heaven, surely she is there chasing her bumpers, swimming, rolling in the snow, scratching her butt on the nearest fence, and doing her infamous ‘snap-snap’. We hope we will someday meet again. Oh, the hole she leaves in our hearts.